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Help with recipe

Toni Allen Stanton 31 de Octubre de 2012

My husband has talked about a dish since before we married. All we know if that it was a pizza like snack (could be a meal, I suppose) that a friend of his parents used to make and store in a can for road trips. He said they called it Scotchida (scotch ida). I would appreciate any knowledge of this. Thanks!!

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Ilaria's Perfect Recipes
Ilaria's Perfect Recipes Jueves, 25 de Abril de 2013 a las 08:29 PM
Re: Help with recipe

Hi, I think you are talking about "Schiacciatina" (ski-uch-cha-teen-uh) and it's a flat and crunchy bread and it may be seasoned with many things like the pizza flavour (tomato and basil or oregano).
Be aware that the word Schiacciata is referred to the soft Focaccia, but I think that your description match with Schiacciatina.
I haven't write a recipe about that in my blog yet, but you can search for a classic breadstick recipe or a pizza recipe without yeast, stretch out the dough (a thin layer) in a pan, drizzle with your favourite dressing, then bake.
Let me know if this is what you were searching for, please!

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