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Where to buy...

Linda Tay Esposito
Linda Tay Esposito 09 de Agosto de 2008

Some folks asked where to buy some of the items we used in the class:

Recommended brands of sauces:
Oyster and hoisin: Lee Kum Kee
Sesame oil: Kadoya
Chinese sausages: Wycen (Washington/Stockton & Clement/7th)

A good Chinese grocer: New May Wah: Clement between 7th and 8th
Marina Super: Hillsdale, San Mateo

The two stores above will carry the following hard-to-find items:
Candlenuts, belachan, fresh tumeric, lemongrass, galangal, fresh rice noodles, chinese chives

Wholefoods and Safeway also carry many of the items from the class.

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