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Creador: Norine Mungo

Cheap Cooking with flare!

Norine Mungo
Norine Mungo 15 de Noviembre de 2009

I am really big on cooking less expensively. But sometimes with less expensive food, we run short on flavor and nutrition. I don't think you have to miss a beat on either front when trying to spread the dollar! Mainly you need to keep up to date seasonings in your cupboard, or if you have a green thumb, grow some essential herbs on your windowsill or garden.

Rosemary and Basil for sure! They really pack a punch so use moderation. But for vegies and potatoes and roasted meats, nothing tastes better.

Also, we could take a hint from Asian cooking. In that, they cut up and use protien sparingly. INE, a small cut of meat sliced thinly then used in a dish of vegies served over rice certainly costs less than a full roast with potatos etc.

Not that you can't have that full roast either. But what happened to our society as concerning left overs??? Seriously, we are such a throw away society! Take that one roast, and serve the dinner the first night, then do several slices of the meat in varying forms, bag and freeze for several different meals. Cube some of it for a quick stew, or a hearty soup. Slice some of it for quick pot roast in the frying pan with aujuis and carrots and small potatos. Shred some of it to mix later with enchillada sauce or taca seasoning.

So, with one large cut of meat, you can make about 4 to 5 meals. I like doing the precutting after it's cooked and bagging it up and freezing it. That way, we are not bored with the same meat for several days. Instead, I can reach into my freezer and pull out some precooked chicken breasts I cubed last week for a nice salad, or the shredded beef from two days ago for stacked enchilladas.

Think ahead, cut and freeze, save money, and eat well!!!!!!

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