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Creador: Dean Grason

Venison Burgers - Dimple Down

Amos Miller
Amos Miller 16 de Febrero de 2011

Since I always transform a major part of my harvest into ground venison (because I find it has so many uses), I add quality suet to the meat, eliminating any tendency toward that 'dry' reputation venison often has because it is so lean. I find that our venison burgers are even better than Angus beef.

Our technique is pure and simple: form a patty of reasonable size, not too thick and don't overwork the meat. Then, while holding the patty in one hand, poke your fingers into one side a couple of times, making dimples. Salt & pepper the dimpled side and lay trhe burger, dimpled side down, into a hot skillet. Immediately dimple the top of the burger, season it and cook a couple of minutes to med-rare. Treat the burger as you wish to eat it, add cheese of your choice or a slice of sweet onion. This works for us every time.

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