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arugula [uh-REW-guh-la] = arrugola = (in Britain ) rocket (salad) = tira = Italian cress = Mediterranean rocket = rugola = rugula = roquette = rucola With its peppery and slightly bitter flavor, arugula is a terrific green to throw into an otherwise boring salad. It can be gently braised, too. Some supermarkets sell it in small bunches, but you're more likely to find it combined with other greens in a spring salad mix . Equivalents: 1 cup = 1 ounce Substitutes: watercress OR tender spinach leaves plus dash of ground pepper OR Belgian endive OR escarole OR young dandelion greens (more bitter) OR young mustard greens OR chicory OR radicchio

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Also known as

  • Arugula
  • Arrugola
  • Rocket (salad)
  • Tira
  • Italian cress
  • Mediterranean rocket
  • Rugola
  • Rugula
  • Roquette
  • Rucola
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