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Receta 4 Weight Loss Myths Debunked From Celebrity Trainer Cat Smiley!

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Cashing in on those 120lb figures is big business, and even bigger business for the multi-million dollar weight loss industry. But what is real and what is speculation? Here’s the four most common weight loss myths debunked from The Planet Friendly Diet, my new book on weight loss and healthy eating.

Myth # 1: “If you exercise, you can eat whatever you like”.

The reality is, your weight loss plan will only work if you are taking less calories than your body is consuming. If you eat more calories than you are burning, your efforts for losing weight will be minimized. Eating less, and moving more is best, but just make sure that you don’t drop below 1200 calories per day.

Myth # 2: “You need to exercise for more than 45…

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