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A wonderful and healthier  way to enjoy potato wedges  is  by baking  them in an I have boiled them for 5 minutes or about 3.4 cooked prior to baking.   Prick with fork to see Baked Potato Wedges are done. We would complete the process by baking them.   With this method it allows you to reduce  cooking These Baked Potato Wedges have some heat due to the addition of pepper and chili powder.  If you are serving small kid, you may reduce or omit those Other snack recipes your might want to Vegan Homemade Egg Curry Puffs from Braided Masala BAKED POTATO WEDGES Serves  :  4 medium potato, peeled & cut into 1 tsp 2 tablespoon 3/4 tsp ground 3/4 tsp chili 3…
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