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Receta Fried Mac and Cheese balls

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There is nothing better than these crispy mac balls, filled with a creamy, cheesy center. I cut my Grandma's Mac Recipe  in half, and instead of baking the mac, there are a few different steps involved. See below and comment if you try Time needed: 5-6 *See note: Follow your favorite mac and cheese recipe or use the one linked above (as mentioned cut recipe in half and **DO NOT bake 4-5 eggs, 2 tbs 2 1/2 cups seasoned Canola oil, for *Optional - you can serve with a cheese sauce or marinara sauce for 1. Once the cheese sauce and boiled noodles are mixed together in a casserole dish, do not bake it. Refrigerate the mac and cheese for 2 2. Once chilled,…
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