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Drain Cleaning Services & Clogged Drain Repair in Atlanta, GA



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  • Are you embarrassed to have company because of an unpleasant smell coming from the kitchen sink? Are you starting to avoid the shower because a puddle of dirty, soapy water forms at your feet? Most likely, your tub drain is clogged or not draining quickly enough to keep up. Whether it's a sink, tub, or toilet, it's common for something in your home to jam over time. Believe it or not, you probably don't need to call the plumber for this one. Here's how to unclog your sink or shower drains yourself using methods that are simple and inexpensive for you.
  • Causes of a Clogged Drain
  • Water is not the only thing the pipes are used for. Think about all the hair, soap, food, and more that goes down the drain in your home. As long as the pipes are like narrow tunnels, it is not surprising that they can become blocked by the accumulation of particles or oversized objects. Drain cleaning blockage can seal them completely or even allow slow drainage depending on severity.
  • If you have curious young children in the house, you've probably experienced a complete toilet blockage from the random items they pull. Not only toys, but also toiletries, such as wipes and toilet paper, can cause similar problems if they are thrown away too much. The same goes for kitchen and bathroom sinks and showers. The build-up of particles from food, soap, and the biggest culprit, hair, which are routinely flushed down the drain can seal it. Even if you don't do anything special to clog your pipes, it can still happen due to build-up over time, so make sure you're prepared for the occasion with our tips.
  • How to Unclog a Pipe
  • If you suspect that your sink or shower drain is clogged, the first thing to try is to remove the round metal hub from the drain. This part is called a plunger, and it often traps hair and soap suds. After cleaning the plunger, the plug can be repaired. In some sinks, the plunger cannot be lifted as easily. You may need to go under the sink to loosen the small rod attached to it. Don't worry, this can be done simply by unscrewing the nut from which the rod comes out. Subsequently, the rod should be easily removed with the piston.
  • If your sink or tub still isn't draining properly, it may be a deeper plumbing problem. For tub drains and sink drains, a drain rod or snake will likely suffice. It is a long, thin plastic device with spikes or a hook on the end. Lower the snake to the bottom of the drain and move it around to catch the debris. When the snake is removed, it is likely to be covered in hair and old soap that has come loose from the pipes. If none of these solutions worked for you, give us a call! The problem may be more serious and a drain cleaning specialist will be happy to see you.
  • How to Protect Your Pipes
  • When it comes to cleaning a drain, one idea that comes to mind is a drain cleaning solution. In fact, chemical cleaners can damage your pipes and cause corrosion over time. This includes the use of boric acid, which is said to have many uses and can be easily purchased at Walmart. To avoid soiling kitchen sinks or bathtubs, consider using a drip tray that lets water through but traps large particles of food or hair that can cause problems later. Also, fat can solidify in your pipes and cause congestion, so try to throw it away. In the case of the toilet, always think about the flush. If you have a toddler who likes to flush toys, you may benefit from a toilet seat lock to prevent them from throwing things away when you're not around. And when it comes to toilet paper, a little bit doesn't hurt.
  • Signs of a Clogged Drain
  • The most obvious sign that your drain is clogged is when water is draining slowly or not at all. What you probably didn't know is that leaks, strange sounds, and bad smells are also signs of poor drainage. If there are any signs in your area, try Jérôme's advice and you will be amazed. Remember, whatever your plumbing situation is, you have the option of fixing it yourself and getting back to a routine that isn't worrying about drains. However, if you need professional help, call our Atlanta plumbing team.


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