Receta Recipe For Confit Crayfish Using A Sous Vide Cooker

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The first most trusted person in my life is Dave. He is the one who goes out and catches crayfish for me to experiment with. I tried curing the cray fish using my sous vide bags but it was not a huge success. To rescue it I placed it into the sous vide cooker and was pleased with the outcome. This resulted in me creating a confit crayfish recipe which will yield the perfectly cooked crayfish time and time Head straight on to the Recipe For Confit Crayfish I think the second most trusted person in a woman’s life is her hair dresser. Since moving to Gordons Bay in 2001 I have had numerous stylists attempt to cut my hair. I have plenty crowns and very thick hair so it is not an easy task. Finally I found a hair dresser who was really…
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