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Receta Strawberry Orange Cream Puffs

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I love it when the trees get green, and the bluebonnets begin to bloom!

It means spring has arrived, and with it all kinds of light and fruity desserts that I so adore. Keep your pumpkin spice and gingerbread, I will take fresh berries and sharp citrus any day! Right before I went in for shoulder surgery in February to repair a torn rotator cuff I jotted down a list of recipe ideas to make when I was better. I had a huge brainstorm just a few days before I would be unable to do more than make toast for at least a month. Isn’t that always the way? Well, I have been feeling much better these last few weeks, thanks to physical therapy, so I got back into the kitchen. I had been thinking about these puffs through my recovery, so once I…

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