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Receta Sweet and Salt Biscuit

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HomeHealthKidsSweet and Salt Sweet and Salt Biscuit Recipe By Praveen Kumar | Kids, Snacks | No Email to Print Share   Ingredients: Maida – 1 cup Sugar – 1/2 cup, powdered Ghee – 2 tsp Milk as required Oil as required Salt as per Method: 1. Combine maida and salt. Sieve together. 2. Combine ghee and sugar in a bowl. 3. Add the maida and enough milk. 4. Mix well and keep aside for 2 hours. 5. Make small balls of the mixture and flatten them like a small/medium roti. 6. Cut them into desired shapes. 7. Heat oil in a frying pan. 8. Fry the prepared biscuits till golden brown. 9. Remove and drain excess oil. 10. Serve.VN:F please Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) Have you tried this…
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