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Receta Waknatoy (Menudo ng Marikina)

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Waknatoy (Menudo ng Waknatoy or menudo ng Marikina is very similar to the popular pork menudo but the only difference is it does not have potatoes or carrots and it has pickles. That is why it has a sweet tangy flavor because of the pickles which the ordinary pork menudo does not have. Maybe you are wondering why it is called “waknatoy”? The story behind this is way back since the Spanish era in the Philippines and there are Chinese immigrants living in Marikina that time. Those Chinese are already fed up on eating this kind of menudo wherever they go to carinderia or eatery to eat. When the eateries serve this dish they always say “waknatoy” and since most Chinese are not fluent in speaking Filipino, their Chinese accent…
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