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Indian Recipes (hecha por G.Christy Rathnalatha)

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Appetizers & snacks

Spicy Noodles Fry
I got this Recipe Idea when I was frying the Noodles for American Chopsuey at home.U can try this recipe when u r in no mood to spend time in the Kitchen but in need of a snack in few mins time.It is tastier than the Rice or Maida Murukku (Tamilian Snack Item) and if u try it even spicier U can have it as side-dish for Sambar or Kara Kuzhambu.U just need to spend 7 mins in the Kitchen for this Snack.Enjoy Ur evenings with this Spicy Noodles.
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Buenos Consejos

  1. U can deep-fry the plain Noodles till it turns golden brown and Put them in a closed vessel with chilli powder,white pepper powder and salt. and toss it till the spices gets evenly mixed. U can store this Noodles Fry for atleast two days using an airtight container. Similarly U can do Caramelised Noodles Fry - for ur kids at home.

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