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Grupos de Chefs son comunidades de miembros quienes comparten conocimiento, recetas, e ideas sobre un aria de interés común.
Crisps, Cobblers & Grunts

Crisps, Cobblers & Grunts

Any of those tasty fruit dishes topped with some kind of dough or crumble topping

Laura Tabacca 49 miembros
51 recetas
Jelly making mama's/papa's

Jelly making mama's/papa's

I would like to have a group of people who have a mutual love making homemade jams and jellies. Would like to hear how people learned how to can.…

Tandi 2 miembros
0 recetas
Have a Sweet Tooth? Me too!

Have a Sweet Tooth? Me too!

Lets share desserts, fruit, citrus, Parfaits, pies, light and refreshing using every day ingredients.

"Cheffie Cooks" 1 miembro
63 recetas