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Receta About Town With Corningware - Blue Daisy & Primavera?

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It's been a while since I have done a post on patterns. Though there are a couple of gift line patterns left for me to cover at some point, I have pretty much covered all the "main" patterns. Occasionally there are some strange ones that I have no idea what they are called or whether they were simply test patterns.

That would be this one, that I found several weeks ago.... I have dubbed it "Blue Daisy", but Lord only knows if that is the actual name or not.

It was an A-series piece (because of the wider lugs) but it was completely unmarked. I am pretty sure it was either an A-8-B or an A-2-B depending on when it was manufactured.

My guess is sometime before 1985, because it still had the depressions under the lugs…

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