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Receta I Go Gleaning Again. On The Jam! How To Make Fig Preserves In One Easy Step!!

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So I've spent the last 2 weeks flat on my back. Well, not exactly flat. Because of the surgery I've had to sleep sitting upright, but other than that... in my non-Zombie moments I've been dreaming of getting back on my feet again. I've missed my cooking, I've definitely missed my eating and I was afraid that the complications I'd been dealing with were going to cause me to miss Fig Season.

You see, figs are among my very, very, very favorite things in the whole wide world and I happen to be lucky enough to live in fig central. A place where you can throw a rock in any direction and hit a fig tree. My friend and gleaning partner Kristen Vigurie who owns Junipero & Co. here in Sonoma, had promised me we'd go fig gleaning, and it was…

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