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Receta Matzo Brie Recipe ( Gluten Free)

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As far back as I can remember into my childhood, we always ate "Matzo Brie" or "Matzah Brie" for breakfast during the week of Passover. This simple egg and matzah recipe transforms into a final product that is delicious, crispy, buttery and wonderful. It's the best!! ( the word matzo is spelled also During Passover it is customary/mandatory to give up leavened products which includes bread ( and bread type products). This ritual commemorates the Biblical Israelite's exodus from Egypt when they  had to depart in haste and therefore their bread did not have time to rise. During Passover we eat a flat unleavened bread ( Matzo/matzah) in place of regular bread for the 8 days of the Matzah is actually quite tasty when combined…
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