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Receta Sweet on Corn- A Farewell to Ears: Corn Brulee & Tomato Sorbet

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To make the sorbet: You’ll need to start the sorbet at least one day ahead so that it will harden properly.

Prepare an ice water bath. Cut a shallow X in the bottom of each tomato. Drop them boiling water to blanch about 30 seconds and then transfer into the ice water bath. Skins should peel off easily with a small, sharp knife. Quarter them and remove the seeds, then puree them in a blender.

Add the water, corn syrup, paprika and milk powder (if using) to a medium saucepan. Bring the mixture to a simmer, stirring occasionally. Remove the pan from the heat. When cool, mix in the tomato puree.

Place mixture in an ice cream machine and process according to manufacturer’s instructions. Scrap the sorbet into a container…

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