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Receta The Pizza Trilogy - Sicilian Pizza

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In a pizzeria far, away from Utah, square pieces of pizza are being devoured; and I am full envy and want.  This is the installment of pizza making - Sicilian Pizza, also known as The Square.  For those of you who happen to travel to New York City area, go into one of those older, authentic Italian pizzerias make sure you order correctly.  If want to try a slice of the Neapolitan, or round pie, you say you want slice”.  If you want to try Sicilian, want “a square”.  If you just say want a “piece of pizza”, you will be asked, “Youwana slice or a square?”   (pronounced cah-PEESHis - an Italian word that is used in American to say "got it" or "understand."?)  Now you are thoroughly prepared…
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