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Receta Chocolate Doughnuts with White and Chocolate Drizzle ‪#‎IsabelsBirthdayBash‬

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Chocolate Doughnuts with White and Chocolate Drizzle ‪#‎IsabelsBirthdayBash‬

August 4, 2015 by Shelby 20 Comments

Decadent Chocolate Doughnuts glazed with some dark and white chocolate drizzle. The not too sweet doughnut is complimented with the two tone glaze giving it just enough sweetness and a look that says “your special” let’s celebrate!

Celebration is the word of the day today. It is also the birthday of Isabel of Family Foodie and creator of the Sunday Supper Movement. Happy Birthday Isabel! Isabel is a born leader and it has been proven with her success of bringing food bloggers together in the Sunday Supper Movement which I am very proud to be a part of. Several of Isabel’s friends and fellow bloggers are…

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