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A healthy dish of grated yamato imo deliciously held in a gel of kanten.

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  • 4 cups (720g) Grated yamato imo
  • 4 cups Happo dashi
  • (One 30cm sheet Konbu
  • 4.5 pieces Arabushi bonito
  • 250g Ichiban kezuri (Dried Bonito flakes)
  • 900cc Japanese sake
  • 540cc Mirin
  • 540cc Masahana Soy Sauce)
  • On bar Agar-agar
  • One sheet Gelatin
  • Terrett for molding the dish


  1. Put water into the size 9 pot you will use to prepare the dashi.
  2. Place konbu, bonito, and ichiban kezuri into pot. Bring to a boil and then simmer down for 2 to 3 hours.
  3. When the volume of dashi has decreased by 20% from simmering, the dashi will be at the right concentration.
  4. Lastly add Masahana soy sauce.
  5. Pass dashi through a soup strainer cloth. The dashi will be ready.
  6. Grate the yamato imo.
  7. Put the bar of agar-agar into the dashi and boil in.
  8. Once the agar-agar is dissolved, strain the dashi.
  9. Heat the strained dashi once gain.
  10. Once boiling, add the gelatin.
  11. Once dissolved quickly take off heat (Do not overcook)
  12. Put the yamato imo and dashi into a bowl.
  13. Mix well while still warm.
  14. With a Miyajima (wooden spatula) or a whisk when the the Kanten base dashi is well mixed with the Yamato imo, put into a mold and place over ice. When it hardens, place into the refrigerator and chill to further gel.
  15. Putting in crab, sea cucumber, or mozuku with the yamato imo is also delicious.
  16. When you serve, cut into cubes and place on a plate.
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