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Afternoon Tea Party (hecha por Andrea Faz)

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Great idea when you want to invite a few friends over to catch-up on life "gossip". It is an easy, but really fun way to get the girls together! Send out pastel invitations, and ask for summer dresses as a dress code must!. Set the time around noon on, in order to take advantage of the weather. Set the table with a pastels, and use flowers to decorate. Make sure the place settings are set by the time your guests arrive. Also a favorite for younger girls' birthday parties. Guys: You can join in the fun too. ;)

Buenos Consejos

  1. You can make your food the night before. Just make sure you keep everything refrigerated! You wouldn't want to make one of you guests sick!
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  • roxchef
    17 de Septiembre de 2010
    beautifull,idea!!!!!!!!!!!!! grazieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've cooked/tasted recipes from this theme!
    • Doryce Stephens
      01 de Enero de 2013
      nice work on this theme


      • Kimberly Bishop
        03 de Agosto de 2011
        This looks really wonderful. I love tea parties.
        • Jason Freund
          18 de Octubre de 2009
          I'm going to try it. I told my wife to invite her 4 closest friends, and we'll make arrangements for the dads to take all the kids to some park for a few hours while I host a formal tea party. So far, I'm thinking: cheese plate, gaspacho, chilled pumpin soup, white dessert wine, the smoked salmon finger sandwiches, the blueberry scones, shrimp avo grapefruit salad, home made mint lemonade, and of course an assortment of hot teas.

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